Lab of Material Deformation & Processing









  • Highly stretchable, transparent ionic touch panel

  • UV-responsive Oil Absorption & Desorption

  • Wettability control of glass by plasma processing

  • Plasma based Nano-patterning on Carbon Materials

  • Stress distribution of the pipe with a single defect

  • Fluid-Structure-Interaction analysis for CO2 pipeline

  • Electrochemically induced crack in single crystal Si

  • Viscosity measurement system for alginate gel

  • FEM analysis of Arctic region

  • Over the Limit @Niseko, Hokkaido

   Our group has conducted a number of researches mainly about deformation and processing of materials.We are carrying out researches in various area even from classical mechanics to tough hydrogel, and lithium ion battery. Basically, theme of our researches is focused on solving mechanical problems.

   Furthermore, We have been cooperating with a number of wellknown domestic and international groups of researchers to bring out tremendous outcomes in the field of materials sciences.

   Our recent main theme is about texture control, surface engineering, tough hydrogel, lithium ion battery, strechable battery, hydrogen storage, and computer aided engineering. and ski.

   Also, we are looking for graduate students. Please contact to either professor or Ph.D. students by e-mail.



  Recent Publications [more..]

  • Highly stretchable, transparent ionic touch panel, Chong-Chan Kim et al, Science, 2016, [pdf]
  • A simple technique for measuring the fracture energy of lithiated thin-film silicon electrodes at various lithium concentrations, Choi Yong Seok et al, Journal of Power Sources, 2015, [pdf]
  • UV-responsive nano-sponge for oil absorption and desorption, Kim Do Hyun et al, Scientific Reports, 2015, [pdf]
  • High performance gas diffusion layer with hydrophobic nanolayer under a supersaturated operation condition for fuel cells, Ko Tae-Jun et al, Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, [pdf]
  • Extreme wettability of nanostructured glass fabricated by non-lithographic, anisotropic etching, Yu Eusun et al, Scientific Reports, 2015, [pdf]
  • Stable silicon-ionic liquid interface for next-generation lithium-ion batteries, Daniela Molina Piper et al, Nature Communications, 2015, [pdf]




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